31 March 2009

What do you use?

Every now and then I like to play with some new tools. Try a few Firefox plugins, maybe a new dev environment. This week is one of those times.

So make your recommendations, what do you use that is cool and why?

Just to get things started and to pre-emptively give something back, I have recently been playing with Spotify which I can recommend as a great way to listen to some new and old music.

I have also been playing with XUL Profiler which is a pretty cool Firefox plugin (a nightly of Minefield works best with it I believe) for profiling your JavaScript and analysing how much work the browser is doing to render your page.

Now its your turn...

1 comment:

yoni said...

Bonjour Monsieur James,

It's been a while! Hope you're well.

As for tools, which IDE do you use? You introduced me to Notepad2 a long time ago, and I still use it. But without tabs & a mass search replace tool, I can't use it as a serious IDE.

I recently came across Komodo and find it to be pretty good. The free version has most of what I need in an IDE. It's written in XUL on the Mozilla base, so you can develop extensions for it. It's not as well supported / documented as Firefox or the more established IDEs, but worth a try. =)