17 March 2009

IE8 - right, wrong or something else...?

For those that don't know I was recently struck down by a rather severe bout of bronchitis which has laid me low for 3 full weeks. I am delighted to say that I am almost fully recovered. Though just to be sure, I am still "taking the pills" - a form of prevention as much as cure.

Its amazing how similar that situation is when compared to Internet Explorer.

For many years, IE was suffering from an infection - non-standards compliance. There was a lack of anti-bodies to kill it off. But Microsoft finally took its sick child to the doctor who prescribed a welcome initial course of anti-biotics and so IE7 was born. But all was not fully well, so a second course was required.

As Microsoft now force-feeds its child the last dose of that medicine, we see IE8 emerge. Standards compliant, much improved performance and an all round more open approach to development.

But the virus remains, dormant for some but nonetheless very real and there. It has mutated into compatibility mode. Luckily there is a vaccination, a form of prevention, and that is a valid doctype and standards compliance.

Of course, you could stop reading the drivel I am writing and read about what Jon von Tetzchner from Opera thinks of IE8.

Whatever you think of Microsoft and IE, you have to acknowledge that they are trying. They cannot please everyone and certainly the remaining prevalence of IE6 does not please me, but I do believe they are trying. Now if only they could speed up their release schedules, I could finally breathe easy.

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neilp said...

Glad your fighting fit old chap ;-)

IE8 is a great improvement although the compat list is a bit devious as if enough people vote for your site to be rendered in compat mode then there not a lot you can do about it. And would it be to much to ask to support some of the more widely used CSS3 modules (border-radius) for instance.