21 April 2008

JSquared road map and update

I have literally been swamped by a request for a road map for JSquared. In response, I have created this wiki page.

I have some ambitious plans for JSquared and it may not all be possible - much depends on how much my wife puts up with me working late into the night. But my aims are stated there.

I will be releasing periodic compatibility updates in between these major releases.

The single most requested feature for JSquared thus far is documentation and it is high on my priority list. I am intending on providing this as a set of object models output using JSDocs and an accompanying guide. Following that, I hope to be able to get a JSquared website up and running full of example code.

A set of unit tests and indeed a full testing platform for JSquared is also very high on the priority list and progress is being made on this. The intention for JSquared 1.1 is to get the core functions unit tested.

FXSquared is making good progress with a basic FX module ready for some heavy duty testing. FXSquared is built around plugins to allow for maximum flexibility.

IE 8 support continues to improve with each commit of the code. I expect IE 8 support to match that of all other browsers for JSquared 1.1

Please use this post or the wiki on the current JSquared home to comment on the road map, especially the form that the documentation should take.

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Adam said...

This is very good news. Looking forward to the progress.