7 April 2008

Documenting JSquared

One of the biggest missing aspects from JSquared is documentation.

I have been looking at using an automated tool to build documentation from comments in the code (another thing which is currently lacking) and this is going to be a major push for me over the next 2 months.

I have almost settled on using JSDoc. I would be very thankful if the readers of this blog could give any thoughts on JSDoc or any alternatives that I should be looking at.

Thanks in advance.


Andy said...

Hi James,

I've been using it to give a high-level view of a certain website you worked on... doing research on JSDoc lead me away from the SoureForge version and to an updated one on Google Code:


Although in beta it was last update March this year, whilst the old version looks stagnant.

Still, the overview given here was useful for actually applying the 'markup' to each file:

JSDoc overview

Still haven't successfully extracted comments with a parser though...

James Norton said...

Thanks for your thoughts Andy. I know the website you talk of and I would be very interested to see the output of this work.