22 September 2009

Reflecting on a return to action

I have now been with my new employer - EMC Consulting - for four weeks and to be frank, I now have a lot more of interest to discuss on this blog. So, I thought I would re start my posting here with some thoughts on these first four weeks.

I have spent the last fourteen months working almost exclusively on a large and complex JavaScript application and I wont deny that I did learn quite a little bit during that time. But I still find myself glad to be back working with all of my skills in a more balanced fashion. Its been refreshing to see how much people care about UX and accessibility and it is a pleasure to be able to combine that with my passion for high quality and minimal CSS and HTML code.

Already, pragmatism has reared its friendly head and is guiding my path. This is something I have to reacquaint myself with and I am enjoying that process. There is little to rival the feeling of writing code to fulfil a purpose, getting it done and working and moving on.

Yes, I now have to fix IE6 bugs again, but at least I am able to do so in the shadow of Borough Market and the delights that can be found within!


web design agency said...

Wow what a head ache. The bugs! Good luck with that.

sorna said...

Thanks for sharing, I will bookmark and be back again

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Haridas Gowra said...

Nice to share with us.......