3 July 2009


I have launched my all new website at http://www.jamesnorton.com.

I wanted to get something out there to represent me and who I am and what I do, but the site is not complete. It will move forwards and change and be enhanced over time.

One thing you can all help me with is a potential Webkit bug particularly prevalent in Chrome but also an issue in Safari which I just cannot get to the bottom of. If you view the site in a Webkit browser and you get weird large white patches at the bottom of the screen, please do reply to this post with details of which browser you are using.

Otherwise, enjoy the site and feel free to provide any feedback you like.


Neil Mosafi said...

Looking good in FF3 boss! You probably want to get http://jamesnorton.com redirecting to your www site

James Norton said...

Well, that would obviously be nice. But my host are struggling to provide a 302 and Google App Engine requires a CNAME record.

Neil Mosafi said...

Do they allow you to point your domain at your own nameserver?

Nimesh Thakkar said...

I opened your site in Opera and didn't find any problems.

But later when I checked it in Chrome, I was what you mentioned about.

Also there is a difference in the background. I believe you have made all decoration as circle, but in Opera it appeared as Boxes.
Even that looks cool

James Norton said...

Hi Nimesh and thanks for your feedback.

The issue in Chrome is annoying - I will solve it! As for the boxes in Opera, I am using border-radius CSS3 properties to make the circles, so they wont work in Opera, yet....