7 January 2009

Happy new year

I wish you all a (slightly) belated happy new year.

2008 was a tough but amazing year. Some of its highlights for me included getting married, having an amazing honeymoon and having 3 different jobs!

Some of the less good parts included having 3 different jobs! I am working harder than ever now at home and at work and have had much less time in the last 6 months to blog or work on JSquared than I would have liked.

But things can change for 2009 and so I hope to only have 1 job this year, not get married again (as amazing as that was) and give a bit more time to blogging here.

As you can see on the JSquared blog, work has resumed on the project after a period of quiet and I have a new team member on board to make the project even better and an even bigger success.

This is hardly going to be a quiet year though as I hope to move house - here's hoping Mrs N and myself can find the right place!

I hope you all have a happy, healthy and successful year and keep reading....

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