3 November 2008

Browser wars

To finish up this little series of posts about browser standards, I wanted to refer to the browser wars and ask this simple question:

Do we need another browser war?

Well? What do you think?

I think we cannot have another browser war in quite the same way. When it was Netscape vs Internet Explorer, every user spoke (or perhaps didn't speak) and chose (or perhaps was simply given) Internet Explorer. What then happened is that all the proprietary features of IE could be safely used whilst knowing there was a very high support rate.

Since IE6 came out and the browser war ended, there was a little stagnation but really what happened was that people got a bit bored and wanted more. So Firefox came along as a viable competitor. That was the time to have a browser war. The moment has passed.

Right now there is too much competition (or maybe none - its hard to tell) between the browser vendors. The market is too segmented. We now need the vendors to follow a standard spec. And so we get into the sordid world of the W3C and standards.

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