8 May 2008

JSquared update

First of all, apologies for the sparsity of posts in the last few weeks. Its been a busy couple of weeks, but there is plenty to discuss. More of that to come in the next week or so.

The big news however is that JSquared has a new home - www.j-squared.info. There will be a major update to the website to coincide with the release of JSquared 1.1 in late June or early July. JSquared will have its own blog, freeing this blog for non-JSquared related topics generally. More on that in time to come.

An update on the progress of the goals for release 1.1:

JSquared Testing Platform
Using JSUnit, I have had much success testing JSquared. I have about 20% code coverage in the core library so far. My aim is still to have full coverage of the core library for version 1.1

Using JSDocs, I have documented around 40% of the core library and I am getting close to a full API reference. This will be available along with a quick start guide for JSquared 1.1

The core FX library is complete. It is based on plugins and I am working on two plugins. I have been using the FX library for a few weeks now and it is nearly ready for release. It will be released with JSquared 1.1

IE 8 Beta Support
There has been some work on general compatibility updates and JSquared continues to improve. It is unlikely that JSquared 1.1 will be fully tested and working on any beta platform, but there will be compatibility updates to help with IE 8 and Firefox 3 support as well as improved Opera 9.5 support.

I hope you are as excited as I am by these updates and new developments. JSquared work continues at a good pace (despite protests from my wife) and I am hoping to increase the usage of the library over the remainder of the year.

Just to keep you all excited, Chris Heilmann gave a talk at AKQA last week and he has posted about it.

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